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Race grind in Whistler

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Hey, I'm going to be in whislter at the end of the year and I was wondering if there was any shop recommended to get my skis grinded and re structured... I know what I want for a structure so they would have to be pretty race specific....



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Check out Wild Willies, they used to be one of teh specialist race places there

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Pop into Whistler Village Sports (opposite the Crystal Lodge).


Tell them you want the specifics (base, side, race structure etc.) Write it down on the service sheet.


The guy that picks it up and takes it back to his workshop at Spruce Grove in the evenings will put a great race structure on, provided you specify what you want.


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Most of the shops in Whistler will do an adequate job for recreational skiis.  If you want a race tune quality, the two places I can recommend are Wild Willies (they've got a small shop in the pan pacific, right beside the based of the Blackcomb Gondola, or their main shop is about a 3 min drive from the village) and Skis and Bikes (they're located in creekside).  Skis and bikes is a new shop in whistler, but they've been around Toronto for many years, and they are top notch guys, who have a strong racing background. 


Enjoy your time at Whistler, it looks like they've got about 60 cm of snow since 2 weeks ago when I was up, so conditions should be good :D

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Awesome, thanks guys!

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