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Mantra 2008 vs. 2009?

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 I've heard that there was no strucural change to the Mantra between last years model and this years and the onyl change wa.s the artwork. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I would mind saving some money. Thanks

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i think they changed the waist from a 94 to a 96. i got the 09 and love it 

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They changed the waist for the '08 model.  The '08 and '09 are the same except last year's what white, this year it's black

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The only difference between the 08 and 09 is the top sheet graphics. Dimensions are the same.


As for the 2010, i don't know about any structural changes but i did see them in the store. The graphics have changed yet again - this time for the better. I thought the white 08's have been the best looking so far. 

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