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Line Pandora

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Thoughts on how this would work for a park and powder ski?


I've got the Volkl Aura, but it's too stiff/short for the huge powder days and bigger park landings. Looking for something longer/softer, possibly fatter... thought the Pandora might be perfect?

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I have the 162 Pandora.  I don't do "bigger" park landings, but for the smaller stuff, they're great.  Very stable yet playful. 


The forward mount takes some getting used to.  They have conventional camber, so some finesse is required skiing powder - you can't just "slarve" your way through like on a rockered ski. 


The Line Pandora 162 is modeled on the Sir Francis Bacon; and the 172 emulates the Elizabeth.  So you can read reviews of those skis if you want an idea of how the Pandoras perform. 


(edited to add)


You might also think about the Rossignol S7/Roxy Mumbo Jumbo, which is a relatively soft flexing, tip and tail rocker, cambered ski.  Or the Armada JJ.

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