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Big Sky Conditions late March

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Hi Folks,


I accidently posted in general forum where I see I should have done so here.


Generaly, what are the conditions in late March (last week)?


Was also wondering what opportunities this area affords a family comprising of a range of skills (read east coast green cruisers to crazy teenagers skiing black)


Thanks and regards

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Howdy Tarponhead 

Lived in Big Sky for six seasons. Late March can be a bit of a grab bag, but I recommend coming out. We've been getting steady storms for the last three weeks (two feet this last week!).


There's plenty of terrain out here for everyone. It's an enormous mountain, almost no crowds. Also, check out Moonlight Basin. It's smaller, but has cheaper tickets on Liftopia. The two mountains are so close to each other that they share a lift.



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The area is huge with a great variety of terrain so finding something to satify everyone is never a problem there.  The big question is what will the snow be like.  Fortunately, after a long dry period the mountain has been getting new snow the past couple weeks and more is expected the next week so snowpack won't be a problem.  There's always concern that things will warm up too much turning the low-density snowpack into unskiable mush.  Longterm forecasts this year suggest that won't happen this year.

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