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Model years in Gear section

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We have lots of '08/09 gear listed. What happens when all the new models come out? For example, the Volkl Gotama listed currently is the 08/09 model. What to do about the 09/10 model? A new product? Should products be prefixed with their model year to keep them separate? Do you want reviews for 08/09 Gotamas comingled with reviews for the 09/10 model?


What's the plan for handling model years in the Gear section?

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I think this is still a good question.
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We downloaded the entire 0910 catalog from Backcountry.com when it became available to us -- what's not in the system then gets added -- I added the Head Monster 95 OB just this morning. It wasn't until I was in process that I learned the waist is 94 mm. but I decided to keep it in the big-mountain category because it's a backcountry ski.

That's the advantage of adding the item yourself -- you get to decide that stuff.
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