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Thanks for the tip!

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Someone in this forum (I forget who) mentioned focusing further down the hill & forgeting about the terrain immediately in front of you.

I gave this a try on Friday and OMG what a difference, suddenly my upper body is moving down the hill in an almost perfectly straight line with my legs & skis winding & unwinding beneath me with almost no effort.

Wow, what fun!

Anybody else try this?
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There was a Skiing Mag article dealing with the same issue. Maybe I should give it a try. I also notice that I drive with fewer visual (especially at night) problems when I do this.
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I think a lot depends on the skier/student. Sometimes looking further down the hill only makes a timid skier worry or become more defensive but for others it is a great help. Try both see what works better. As the skier becomes more comfortable with the terrain, then yes, look farther down the hill!
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