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shoulder dislocation -- help!

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 On my first day at Taos this week I dislocated my shoulder big time and got an avulsion fracture of the top of the humerus (in a very embarrassing way --  hit a slow skiing sign on Bambi!). What should I expect in the way of rehab time? How long before I can get on my road bike? Anybody had surgery for this?


Of course, the official story is that I was hiking the ridge and fell thru the cornice between chutes and hit a tree.   

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Not a good year for Philly skiers and dislocated shoulders. Did the same thing in Jackson Hole in January, only i got one more day of skiing. It s__ks!

I presume that you got x-rays, the joint was reduced and the ball and socket put back in normal place. Your injury is more serious due to the humerus fracture. In JH I was treated by an emergency room physician who told me the associated damage was very minor. I saw an Ortho shoulder specialist when I returned. The follow up x-rays looked promising, but he advised that if issues continued following therapy, an MRI and a medical procedure may be required.  It sounds like you have been told you will need a surgical procedure. My understanding is that a 4 month recovery is typical if you undergo the knife.

My shoulder recovery is progressing to the point where I've skied following 6 weeks off, but certain positions remain very painful. As your fellow members of the bar would say, "the jury is still out".

The good news is that once the joint is back in place, pain and limited mobility go away quickly. You will not have much strength at the extreme ranges of motion.

Give me a call when you home and we can do chinse lunch somewhere.



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Went to see my ortho buddy here in Philly and have some relatively good news. Altho I tore off the greater trochanter of my humerus, the reduction of the dislocation left it in a very good position, so no surgery (i.e., screws, etc) will be needed for it to reattach as long ads I'm careful about keeping my arm in a sling except for very gentle ROM exercises. I was probably better off having the fracture because it meant less rotator cuff damage, and it's easier healing broken bone than torn muscle and ligament.  So I'll be off the bike till Memorial Day, probably.


And kudos to the patrol at Taos, who had me on a sled in about two minutes (it helped that I fell about two hundred yards below the patrol HQ at lift 6) and especially to the EMT, John Duncan, and the MD, Spike Lynch, at Mogul Medical Clinic at the base of Taos. As soon as I was carried in, they started me on nitrous to get my jacket off, and were equipped to give me general anesthesia to reduce the dislocation, which took about half an hour, according to my companion.  

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You have my sympathies, have torn rotator cuff, pain comes and goes in waves...nuts

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