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Slovakia Last Weekend - Pics

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Just crosspost some pics from the area about 30 min away from where I live when I'm down there and the peeps I'm skiing with. More pics on www.3limits.sk , well worth to check it out. Vlado, the photog, has a thing with capturing great moments.


The playground




The action







Yours truly














Face shots, anyone?


Who says we don't have open bowls here?





A ridiculously fun weekend was had. Can't wait for more.

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Thank you!  Mr. Vlado is a great photographer.  Is this low or high Tatras?

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Holy Crap!  I'm so glad I looked at this TR!!!

THAT is some serious stoke! 

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^^^ Agree completely. Awesome pics. 

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very very nice.  thanks for posting!

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Wow, he is an awesome photographer.   Great pictures, I'm sure the environment only stoked him more for the shots.

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Very tasty!  Thanks for sharing.



Slo..what? ;)

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Thanks everyone.


Yes Vlado is very creative, he runs the Slovakian freeride website under the link I posted above. Well worthy checking it out and the local peeps are slutting in front of his camera. Awesome community to hang out with.


Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post


Thank you!  Mr. Vlado is a great photographer.  Is this low or high Tatras?


Neither nor. The area is the small Fatry and one of the best hidden secrets.

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WOW! just what we needed

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Wonderful TR, and great photography. Way to get after it Mr. Vlado.


Inspires me to leave the point and shoot at home and bring a SLR rig to the mountains. Hard work, a sharp eye, and skilled photo-sluts yielded superior images. Way cool in all respects.

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Thanks for posting.  Great pics!

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Total awesome ski porn. Hey Bazzer, how come the pics you took of me at Vail don't look like that? It was the camera, right?


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Hey D1.

It's not just the gear, the shooter, or the skier. It's teamwork. I'll try and illustrate with the cooperation of our buddy Old Boot.

Tell you what Old Boot, If we hook up next week, I'll show you a few smallish cliffs and moderate cornice drops. If you want to launch off a few, let me know in advance. I'll pack a real SLR camera rig and help make you an interweb star. Of course, that means that I too must drop those same lines, unless I can find an alternate route  Might be wise to scope out some soft, steep landing zones too. It will take a bit of time and effort, probably a bit of hiking as well, but if you've the mind to, we CAN make this happen. I was going to pack light for my upcoming trip, but give me a yell and I can arrange to drag along some suitable gear. (Will NOT bring my el-supremo rig. Too many $ invested to risk skiing with it, but believe that I can get the job done with second string set-up.)


A skilled photographer with almost any pro-sumer level SLR can make the most of such situations. Mr. Vlado used a Canon Eos 400 body, not available in the USA I believe, and knows how to use his light meter. Nearly nil shutter lag and nice lens choice, 24-70mm zoom in this case, were used to capture/create spectacular images.


Mr. Vlado, you might wish to do yourself a favor and imprint your copyright information in the metadata of your images before you post them up.

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep up the good work!



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