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Shipping Ski's

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It's been way to long since I posted, so here is my story for the day.  I ship my ski's every year instead of hassling with them, the luggage, the kids, and the car seats.  I priced out the shipping companies (HighCountry, Sports Express, Luggage Free and others) and couldn't believe how expensive they we're.  In addition to a double ski bag, I also shipped a large duffell bag this time.  


I took everything to Fedex Kinkos and both weighed in at 44 and 41 pounds respectively.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cost from Houston to Steamboat via ground service was just $69.  And that's both bags.  It will be great not having to pay the airline "fees" and also having the peace of mind that they'll be in my condo when I arrive.  The reduced stress and headache for trudging along 2 extra bags makes it worth every penny.

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Thanks for the tip. I do a lot of business with Fedex Office (formerly Fedex Kinkos) in DC. 

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I've done this, too, on several occasions.  I ship two sets of skis for my wife and I, and a separate box of helmets and underlayers.  We carry our boots on board.  I've had limited experience, but so far there hasn't been a hitch.  Reasonable priced through both FedEx and UPS.

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I tried to ship my skis to Vail this past weekend, and Fedex "lost" them.  They are apparently nowhere to be found and I'm out the equipment.  Once you insure for what your stuff is worth it becomes prohibitve compared to airlines, and without doing that, all you get back is your insured value.  Plus you get no additional funds to handle rental skis or other necessaries for your trip.  I sticking with the airlines and their baggage fees next time.

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Has anyone tried shipping to Europe? I'm heading to Cortina in February, flying in to Munich for a few days and then driving down and it might be nice to do so without my skis.

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