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Academy Day 4

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So sad that its over! I think I learned more in 4 days than I learned in 4 years of skiing.

We were truly blessed to have Weems. Today we skied Ziggy, a "deeper" bump run. Pretty darn scarey, but we got through it. You should have heard the sound effects! Three girls yipping and yelping. At the "academy awards" dinner, our group won in 2 categories;
Best Sound effects in Bumps
Best Group name, which is now "WEEM"S LOOSE LADIES" [img]smile.gif[/img]

Gangala won most improved skier. Mary won most quotable comment, but its a bit off color......

This morning, my group, Mark and Just Ducky's group, taught by Randy, and Ryel's group, taught by Kneale, did a run together. Everyone has improved incredibly.

Kneale skis as if he weighs 120 lbs. Beautiful!
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Congratulations to all--for the awards and, more importantly, for your personal breakthroughs!

For the record, Mary's innocent "quotable quote" was off color only to a few warped minds--like mine! And I'm sure she'll be more accurate now that she has a new measuring stick....


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I gotta agree with you on that one, Bob! Mine, too
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Thanks, LM.

Wish I could convince my doctor the extra 100 pounds he measures are meaningless :~).
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