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what boots??

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I am thinking of buying some new ski boots between now and before the beginning of next ski season (sale time) so far along my line of boots I have just bought the ones that fit right and were comfortable. I think the flex can make quite a bit of difference. So what flex of a boots do I get? Soft, hard?



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O yeah, I am 5'11, 150lbs, powder, park, advanced skier. I am not a racer and very very rarely ski on ice.

Hope thats enough info.

Thanks for any information.

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see the "ask a bootfitter forum"

read the stickies


see a boot fitter




or just buy the red boots,  they are the fastest

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Get the boots that fit.

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Have you considered an aftermarket liner? Intuition, ZipFit, or foam. If you are satisfied w/ the shell, your best oportunity for a performance fit would be a new liner.

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