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I bought a pair of B5's for 229.00 on EBay in 152's.  No one wanted that size.  The 165's were close to 700.00 at the time.  I figured I would give it a chance.  I was extremely elated to say the least.  I came from a 187mm Atomic Beat Ride ski so I wasn't sure what to expect.  These skis are heavy and very stiff.  However, at 215lbs. and 5'8" I had no problem flexing them and getting them to turn.  The biggest assett to having small skis is that turn effortlessly in the glades.  Miss a turn and your eating bark but with the smaller skis I had confidence like I never had before.  My longer skis forced me to make longer turns and would get caught up at times. The same thing in the bumps.  Small skis rock.  I had a felling this would be the scenario.  However, I was most worried that I wouldn't have any stability at high speed.  I'm always waiting for everyone in my group.  Several times I let the skis goes and hit the Apex of speed meaning I stop going faster.  I'm sure if I was on steeper trails I would have needed to turn and wouldn't have been able to max out my speed.  Anyway, the stability was there.  I had no problems and felt very confident.  All in all I love this ski.