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New Skis

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Hello all,

Since alot of discounts started I would like to take advantage of it and replace my current

Rossi T-power Viper S 167cm skis with new pair of slalom skis. I am 40years old 5'10" #205 level 7 athletic fairly aggressive skier. I would like to have bit versatility as well for the new skis. Currently I am considering following skis and would like to get your opinion and suggestions.


Elan Speedwave 12 or 14

Fischer Progressor 8+

Fischer Rx8

Nordica Dobermann SL pro

Nordica Mach 3

Dynastar omeglass wc

Dynastar Contact 4x4

Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC

Head SS Magnum.


Thanks in advance


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None of the skis that you list are Slalom skis except the Omeglass, although the Dobie Pro is close. The rest are variations on the theme of versatile carvers.


From your list, the DP SL is at the top of the list for aggressiveness and grip and the Progressor 8+ is at the bottom. The most versatile of the group is the Contact 4X4.





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