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Atomic Race Tech boots

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I am looking for a new pair of boots. The Atomic Race Tech Ti and CS seem to be good choices for my level. However, the Ti is the full race boot (although there is an even racier model called the RS) and i fear that it would not be suitable for all day skiing.

These are my questions.

How warm is the Ti liner (in general)?

What is the difference in warmth between the liner of the Ti and the liner of the CS?

If the difference is a lot i would get the CS.


Thanks a lot!

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neither boot will be warm. 


the ti is 3 mm narrower than the cs


if you want the atomic race fit and warmth look at something like a nuke 120..same shell, much more commercially oriented liner

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That is a great idea, thanks!

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Concur with broad.  Have the RT FR 100 (prior-year model of the Nuke 100), and the liner is very comfortable for all-day skiing...  provided that it's truly the right boot for you and fitted correctly so you don't have to crank it down and cut-off your circulation.  I really love these boots.

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I had the '06-'07 CS 130 and currently have the '08-'09 CS 140. Yes, they are cold-I use the stick on toe warmers when it's chilly. With grinding and punching they fit well.I have E width feet and high instep and CS last works-no way I could get into the TI last. They run big-my shoe size is 8/12-9 and I'm in a US 7/ 25.00

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Thanks for your replies. Now i know what i have to do.

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CS = Comfort Series. 98mm last

Ti = Team Issue = 95mm last

RS = Renn Stall (Race Stable) = Ti with 5mm thicker binding interface and must be set to DIN before use.

Liners are performance oriented with precission and performance in mind, not warmth and comfort.



Nuke is the CS last with a 120 flex index and a more comfort oriented liner than the Race boots above. Also, the boot board has shock absorbsion points.


All the boots punch well. I use a RS Hi/b and have a EE wide foot and can wear boots all day. Requires plenty of work to fit, but it is possible.

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Beta Racer if I could hitch hike on your Atomic knowledge. I have the Atomic FR in a 27. Is the newer Nuke a different boot than the FR .


I had a 26 CS and I just couldn't get any relief in the heel pocket despite alot of grinding so I went up a shell size to a 27 FR and I have been able to pretty much eliminate the heel rubbing I was experiencing. Thanks.

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FR = Nuke. Better liner in the Nuke.

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Betaracer, do you know if the RT CS (due to the racier liner) is going to offer performance benefits over the RT FR of the same flex?  I have the option to pick up an otherwise identical (size, flex) RT CS right now for a steal.

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CS liner will offer more precise performance. The thinner liner will garner more room< but doesn't have the insulation so they might be cooler.



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Thanks, Betaracer.  They were on clearance from an Ebay sports liquidator (actionsportsoutlet) for $100.

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