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?? about roxy phoenix

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my friend is looking a t  a pair of Roxy Phoenix skis for her daughter (16 5'10" tall) who will be skiing catskill mts ny...groomed most of the time, does anyone have any experience with these skis? she is looking at the 168cm,,,,thanks

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These are supposed to be the same as the Rossi B83, which I believe is the newer version of the B3. Length-wise, she probably can start with 168cm or even go to 176cm if she's a really strong skier.


If that skis anything like the other skis in the Bandit line, they will be more damp and forgiving as compared to other skis in this category (I've only skied the B1 and B2). With that said, these are all mountain skis and they are made for exploring all terrains. If she wants something that does mainly groomers in the East, there are far better carvers (with a softer touch) and all-mountain carvers out there that can bite into hardpack far better. In addition, unless she can transition well from edge to edge, a 83mm underfoot can be a bit difficult to make nice turns with. She even has to work harder making a hockey stop.

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