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The answer, even in the context of racing, is it depends on skier and situation.  Ligety is more backseat, Raich less for instance.  I could show you real steeps skiers with a lot deeply flexed releases, others not so much.  Not always a flaw, not always good either. 


I totally agree... totally... but what is stronger? super flexed bent leg or stacked leg?

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you may want to argue with me.... but have a look at this




one of the best coaches in the world and the most athletic skier on the WC today... talking what I have been talking about...


And I will say it again... this is not the turn that has to be made all the time.... its a choice and a good tactic...

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ok - we're getting to the point where the same arguments are being rehashed. We've had pro and con presented, a good reminder or 2 to remain civil and some good discussion in between. Nice job self moderating so far! But I'm getting close to declaring this a tie and closing the thread.

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Thats ok I will conclude this topic here....


And in concluding, I have been skiing for a while now, and have worked my A#$% off getting better at skiing... It has paid off... and it shows for where I am today... The things that I have said in this post have been all about versatility... Which is the reason that I started the post...

Through the montages that I have posted and the videos I have posted, obviously all these techniques work.. There is no denying it... 

If you liked the way Paul skis, you will know that him and I have similar thoughts and we both ski together everyday in the southern season... and if you think that our methadology is wrong then that is ok too, but you are limiting yourself from learning the way that Paul can ski... or Ritchie Berger or any person you dont agree with...

I have been lucky enough to have skied with many countries national team members and have also been lucky to get to talk to them about what they believe... I have also been lucky to be able to talk to national freestyle coaches, and national race coaches about technique and national race team members... I myself am on a national demo team... and I may have had some more good information to share with this community...

But its ok if you guys dont agree.... thats why i ski the way I do and thats why you guys ski the way you do... and thats why HH skies the way he does...

I am certified in 3 coutries and also cerified race coach... if anyone wants some more experience with the Aussie system or anything PM me....



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 Please feel free to share Reilly.

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Thank you Reilly. We've bent the rules a little bit. And I appreciate that the neutrasl observers and the afficinados of flex to release all chimed in, presented some alternative opinions, yet still let the emotional levels subside. Yes, we could have taken this discussion a little further, but in light of past issues it's time to quit while everyone is still in good spirits. Thank you all.

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