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Marker Bindings?

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i need some help on these skis.




would you more experienced riders recommend these to a newer skier? and what type of marker bindings do these look like? i searched google and i saw that they might be recalled but i was wondering what you thought.


help would be deeply appreciated. thank you!!



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Well, the auction ended, so apparently you didn't get any timely input here.


On the off chance this is still relevant (or even if it's not): I don't know enough about skis of that type to comment on those particular ones with any sort of authority. I will note that those are demo bindings, which means these skis most likely came out of the huge pile of rental skis that some mountain somewhere rented to beginners. I'd probably steer clear on that basis, but maybe that's just me.

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ok thanks alot. i appreciate the help

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I'll add that the K2 Four was a popular ski in the late 1990s and has been discontinuted for some time now.  It was marketed as an all mountain ski and had enough profile shape to be considered a "shaped ski" at the time, but was skied longer than the skis that eventually replaced it.  As an early shape ski, this one still lacked the torsional rigidity that enabled skis to eventually become wider and still hold a strong edge.  There would be much better choices for skis today and I would expect to see most vintage K2-Fours adorning a line of fence slates or being fabricated into a chair.

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First, I agree the Four is a bit obsolete.   I loved them at the time, and still have two pairs in my basement, but ski on newer stuff.


Second, demo bindings do not necessarily mean beginner rental skis.  A lot of shops put demo bindings on most or all of their demo skis.  In fact, I just skied Volk Katanas with demo bindings the day before yesterday.


A couple years ago I had a good experience buying former demos online.  You need an established place with a grading system (i.e., if all their skis are graded A+, don't believe it.  If the same place has some other skis that are B's, that adds credibility in my opinion.)  The other good thing is when they have detailed pictures of the actual skis, vs stock photos of the type.

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