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AT skis waxing (skins and wax)

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Should I wax my AT skis the same way I wax my downhill skis? My concern is the interaction between  wax and the glue on climbing skins. Does the skin glue have the same hold on freshly waxed skis? Is the glue adversely affected by the wax? Will appreciate advice you can share.


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You should treat your AT skis with the same love and care as your alpine skis get.  As far as the wax and glue interacting it's minimal.  If you have a lot of wax on the bases it will get into the glue and will slightly, very slightly reduce the hold. Quite frankly you probably wouldn't even notice the difference.  As for the glue having some effect upon you wax, nope.  I wax my AT skis as frequently as any other ski in my quiver.  I make sure that the scraping and brushing are very good so that I don't have excess wax on the bases but I've never had any issues

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most folks would disagree, but during the winter months I rarely wax my AT skis. Spring time is a different issue - I wax every day.  Skins and wax are not an issue.  Just be careful to keep your skins dry.  cmr

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Wax will get on the glue if you don't do a truly stellar job of scraping and dust it if you brush. This seriously deteriorates a skins stickyness over time.


I almost never wax my AT skis unless I'm going sidecountry and can put a few laps on the bases before they see skins. Usually only wax them once a year in the spring.

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My experience is that if I don't keep my AT skis waxed well that the skin glue will stick to the unwaxed p-tex, so I am more conscientious about waxing them than my alpine skis.  I agree that you need to keep them scraped and buffed or the excess wax will gum up the skin glue.  Unwaxed skis= skin glue on your bottoms, and overwaxed/unscrapped skis =  with wax in your skin glue.

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No problem putting skins on waxed, scraped, brushed bases.  Also, use liquid or paste wax on the tops, under the binding and sidewalls to keep snow from sticking.

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