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Need advice on bindings for fat powder ski

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I just purchased some dedicated powder boards - Roxy Mumbo Jumbo which is the ladies' version of the Rossi S7 Caballero. I'll need a 110mm brake. I'm looking for a solid, light-weight binding.  I'm 5'7", 140 and ski slackcountry in Utah. Din is set at 7.


I've been steered towards the Griffon and Soloman STH 12.  Recommendations and technical comparisons of these and others welcome.  Thanks!

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If lightweight is the priority, the Salomon Z12 Ti would be a better option than the STH.  The Z12 is extremely lightweight.  I've beat on a pair of them for three seasons now, and no problems.  The STH is a great binding, but weighs more.


Tyrolia Peak 12 is also reasonably light, but not as light as the Z12.

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Both are great bindings. Both light. Both have appropriate sized brake options (IIRC Salomon = 115 and Marker = 110). There might be others out there that are a good match -- but I don't see how you'd go wrong with either of those two. My .02 regarding technical differences is they are pretty meaningless in that both bindings are excellent for your stated purpose.


My family has been using an assortment of Salomon STH and Marker "Royal" series bindings this year. All on skis fatter than 110. No complaints anywhere in the range...



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Agree with the Z12 comment as long as things like jumping are not in the picture... The STH heel is a ton tougher  if you are gonna do that sort of thing. OTOH, for vanilla use, I've used Z12s and weigh north of 200 pounds...

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Hi Varsity Captain...since I know you AND know how you like to ski..best option are STH 12 or Griffon.  Z12 will work fine but if you want to catch air...recommend going with the STH12 instead of Z12.  In the end, I think best deal maybe should dicatate.


Lock and Load girl!

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Hey y'all! Thanks for the input - all makes sense.  I am leaning heavily towards the Soloman STH 12. I'm not hucking cliffs, but I do like to catch air here and there.


Next question, if I may, is what mounting point? I've been reading threads on mount point regarding the S7. There's so much variation in opinion. For example, some say +3, some say, measure b/c the mount point is not accurate, etc.  Any advice you can offer to help clarify?

Thanks, again!

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Not to throw a wrench into the discussion, but I am wondering why no one brought up Rossi/Look bindings?  As far as I know if you mount the skis with Rossi/Look you would extend the warranty by an extra year or so (or did they stop doing that this year?)   Also, I feel that a PX12 with a 110mm brake will be perfect for your weight.  Also, they are much better to put on in powder:  you can just turn the heelpiece with your hand and you don't have to stomp on it.  I maybe biased as all my skis mounted with Look, but they do have a pretty devote following and for a good reason.  I would take Look over the Griffon anytime. 

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In terms of mounting point...I woud follow the manufacturer specs for powder riding.  If this was your all purpose ski, I'd more concerned about making sure it wasn't too far back.  For POW....the sweet spot will be further back and should be exactly where Rossi says it is.  I think you'll be on the Roxy Mumbo Jumbo (sweet name by the way)...is there a line on the ski?

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WIll check the marking for mount point, CDR LnL. :)


Alexzn - a guy at the shop loves the Rossi bindings. Said the release is better and has a 180 toe release in the toe piece (hope I said that right).  He steered me to the Roxy binding that was almost identical to the Rossi binding. 


Sounds like any of the ones mentioned are solid - really appreciate your input!


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Oh - no purchase yet... 

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Get a binding wont pre-release. Nothing worse than losing ski in deep powder. My preference is for the Rossi/Look Axial2 series. They definitely hold well & wont pre-release on you.

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Make susre the brakes really fit.  Twice now I've demoed wide skis with brakes that stick because they just barely "fit" the skis.  I noticed when I set the skis down to click in and had to make a grab for a ski that was trying to get away. 

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I'll second the Look PX12 with 110 brake. Can NOT go wrong with this set up

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post


I'll second the Look PX12 with 110 brake. Can NOT go wrong with this set up


yep unless your and IFSA competior thats all the binding you really need. Great release characteristic and pretty strong.


the one things Id like to add is that if you can safely run a higher binding the PX15tis will ski hardpack much better than the 12.


also disregard the Markers 'royal' system binding. Great binding nearly as good as the look but the mounting screws are actually narrower on that binding than the looks PX series.

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