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Over Edging Help

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I have snug but comfortable boots with custom footbeds, canting and shell work on my boots but I still tend to ride the inside edge of my right ski. I can get the ski flat but it does not come naturally. The inside of both boots are canted (built up) 1.5 degrees and my boot cuffs have been adjusted as far out as possible to help match the curvature of my bow legs.

My last day of skiing in that ski area was my boot fitter's day off. Another employee suggested I add a shim (wedge) under the inside heel of the footbed in my right boot and gave me a handful of rubber wedges to try. I have no reason to doubt his advice but the approach seems counterintuitive.

The canting and cuff alignment have moved my knee into a better position but I still can't get that right ski flat on the snow. Seems to me that placing a shim under the inside edge of my right footbed will put more pressure on the inside edge of my right ski and make it even harder to get the ski flat on the snow but I would agree that putting the wedge on the outside edge of the footbed seems to counteract what they've already done with the cants and the cuffs.

My next trip I'll be at a different area so I may be starting again with different people. I need you help in managing the process. Any comments or advice?

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When and why are you trying to be on a 'flat' ski...


In a tuck?

Straight running (i.e. cat track)?

Gliding or transition between turns?


Are you having problems with edge grip, edge intiation, or edge release?



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When I do the "ski on one ski" drill down a gentle fall line I can track straight on my left ski but have balance problems and usually move to the inside on my right ski. Also just looking down on my skis on a cat track etc. when I'm on my fat skis I can see the right ski is not flat.

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Additional info. Standing in my New Balance tennis shoes with the standard insoles on a hard flat floor I can roll my right foot to the inside and lift my right little toe twice as much as I can my left side little toe rolling that foot to the inside. My right ankle seems to have about the range of motion as the left side makes better turns.

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Don't understand your statement the inside of my boots are canted up.  Is there a wedge inside the boot.  Also moving your cuffs outside will put more pressure on your inside edge.  I think we need some more information.



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Hey Lou,

According to the boot fitter the canting process built up the inside bottom edge of the boot to make an overall change of 1.5 degrees to allow my knees to track straight forward, intead of inside as they had done. The canting seems to have worked fine for the knee alignement and caused no issues with the left ski but the right ski is now harder to get flat on the snow. I moved the right cuff back to the neutral position but haven't skied since making the change. There's about 2 feet of fresh snow at big sky today so I dont' think I'll be able to see my skis to tell if they are flat or what!


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