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Sorry, but...what's "rotary" as compared to "counter-rotation"?

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i'm slow.
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I'm sure Bob may post something a bit more detailed, but the 'jist of what we're refering to is that "rotary" is the roation of the femurs, in the hip socket to steer the feet/skis. Counter Rotation, (I'll refer to a "countered" position) refers to the relationship between the upper body and the lower body. As the skis face across the hill, the torso faces more down the hill, sort of pointing to the direction that the new turn will take you. Counter Rotation is the actual "move" that gets you into a countered position.
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Gotcha. Thanks.
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Ryan knew the difference. He just didn't realize it.
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Good explaination, John, I was wondering the same thing. Thanks.
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actually, MB, yerright. just wanted to make sure. and honestly, that degree of rotary (high degree, it seems to me) is one thing i notice about your skiing. i mean, i can see why you need the aspirin. (another thing is how "locked" together your boots seem to stay. interesting to me, in light of the harb posts.)

i guess rather than "locked" - seems to have connotations here - i should say Very Close Together.<FONT size="1">

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In the Official PSIA American Tecbnique of the 1960s, Counter Rotation was a vigorous motion of the shoulders in the direction opposite of the direction you wanted the skis to turn, which, according to the Technique, caused the skis to turn. It doesn't mean that now, but it did then. In the Austrian technique of that time, the same movement was done to cure skiers of the Arlberg rotation movement (shoulders in the same direction of the turn). So what it means depends on how old you are (I am an Old F---)!
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Ryan, Chubbs like alot of rotary. And that's just kind of how my legs go. Because of my thinness. Sometimes I think I have my feet far apart, then when I look at the tracks, they are close together. It puzzles me.
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Actually, Crudmeister, counter motion is the gentle term for reaching a countered upper body (anticipated in JohnH's description) position, while counter rotation is the vigorous activity you remember from days of yore. It's still vigorous if its result is to apply a bit of turning impetus to the skis.
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Crudmeister and Kneale, if you remember, "counter rotation" was taught as a turning force, but it works only if the skis are unweighted. With weight on the skis, even vigerous counter roatation isn't going to do much, it's just going to be a fast counter motion

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or a face plant or hip plant.
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