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Krypton Soft Footboards in Flexon Shells?

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The Krypton Pros come with a stiff and a softer shock absorbing footboard, like the ones in the Krypton Cross.  Can this footboard be used in the old Flexon shells?

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It's actually easier to take the bootboard (what you're calling a footboard - at term I think can be easily confused with a footbed) from a newer Flexon (Kneissl or Full Tilt) and bring it over to a Krypton.  That's because the bootboard on a Flexon is actually a bit wider in the heel and forefoot than the Krypton bootboard (and can be easily trimmed).  The Krypton bootboard does fit in the Flexon with a modification to the underside of the heel section though.  It's not an exact fit (since it's slightly narrower), but you won't feel it once you put a liner in there (as long as you use some kind of decent footbed). 


That said, if you're interested in a softer bootboard for a Flexon I recommend you contact Full Tilt (info@fulltiltboots.com) about obtaining some of the newest rubber bootboards.  All the later Raichle/Kneissl and Full Tilt Flexons have a rubber bootboard (I'm not sure about all of the Full Tilts, but I think it's true for almost all of them).  This replaced the older thin plastic bootboard about 5 or 6 years ago I think.


Another option is to go to a boot fitter and have them fabricate a new softer custom bootboard.  I recently built myself some new bootboard sets using the cork material from Superfeet Kork footbeds.  They are warmer, absorb some vibration, and provide some slight additional shock absorbtion when landing.

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Thanks Noodler.  I have the Kryp Pros and have tried both bootboards and much prefer the solid one, so I figured there must be a lot of other unused soft boards out there in my wife's size.  It sounded like a free easy way for her to get a little vibration dampening.  I know my Kryps each have two posts that fit inside the corresponding tubes in the board, and I figured if that setup isn't identical on the Flexons it would never work.  I haven't pulled her's apart to compare because she has heaters and it's not a good idea unless absolutely necessary.  It sounds like it is worth trying since I tracked down a pair in the same size from a lady who bought the Kryp Pros.  My wife has aftermarket Intuition Gold liners and custom footbeds.  If it doesn't work I'll see about some Full Tilt boards.


I guess the rubber boards in the newer models are for slamming around in the park because they sure did not work as well as the solid ones for carving turns.

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What generation of Flexons does she have?  Do they have the ramp angle (heel height) adjustment screw on the heel or the "shock absorber" rubber plug?  Or are they the Lady Flexon specific boots that don't have either (at least that's what I'm recalling).  My wife also has Lady Flexons so I could check her bootboards and see what's going on down there.


BTW - I'm sitting on 3 extra pairs of Lady Flexons in a 282mm boot sole size (not sure what's women's size that is).  They ended up being a shell size too large for my wife.  One pair is brand new - was planning on putting them up on skiBay.

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They are the completely yellow 20th anniversay edition.  I do not think they are a lady's model, but I'm not sure.  They have a black rubber button (cap?) on the heel where it says "Heel Lift" with an arrow indicating clockwise.  I assume there is an adjustment screw under the plug.

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The 20th Anniversary are not lady-specific and are an interesting "phase" in the changes to the Flexon.  The heel was still printed with the "heel lift" stuff, but the heel lift mechanism was removed and replaced with a rubber piece.  This was later recoined as the "shock absorber".


Anyhow, so these Flexons definitely have the old plastic bootboard, would definitely be able to use the Kneissl/Full Tilt rubber bootboard, and can (with modification) use a Krypton bootboard.


You may even be able to modify your extra Krypton rubber bootboards for her boots if they're not too much larger.

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Thanks for the great info.  If I do use a Krypton board, is there any modification needed other than dealing with the different width?  Do the bottoms match up?

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The bottoms do not match up.  You'll need to alter both the heel and forefoot.  The easiest thing to do on the heel is to just chop it down so that it rests on the "ledge" and rubber plug (shock absorber) in the Flexon.  IIRC the forefoot is also a little tricky and the amount of work there really depends on the fit for your wife.  If she needs a roomy toe box you'll have more work to do.

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Noodleer, thanks again.  It looks like I'll be talking to the local Full Tilt dealer to see if I just get a set of the new boot boards rather than trying to modify Krypton boards just to save a couple of bucks.  I appreciate you taking the time to give me the benefit of your experience.

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Noodler:  I called the local Full Tilt dealer and had him pull the liners on a pair, but he told me the bootboards were solid plastic and did not appear to  have shock absorption.  MF

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Originally Posted by mudfoot View Post


Noodler:  I called the local Full Tilt dealer and had him pull the liners on a pair, but he told me the bootboards were solid plastic and did not appear to  have shock absorption.  MF


you can order the "active" boot board from FT or any dealer.


some FT's came with the soft/active boot board, some with the stiff/Rigid Bootboard


the highfive from this year is rigid, others are active, but all are changeable, and replaceable

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A little update:


I ended up ordering some shock absorbing Full Tilt bootboards.  They fit right into the old Flexon shells, except for one slight problem.  I had to remove the ridgid original Flexon boards, which were sitting on rubber heel inserts in the bottom of the shells, which also had to be removed to accomodate the new boards.  As Noodler pointed out in Post #6, this model boot did not have the heel lift mechanism, but still had the holes for it in the shells.  The original rubber heel insterts included a built in plug for the shell holes.  I had to cut the plug part off the inserts and glue them in the shell holes before putting the new boot boards in.


Noodler and Mtlion, thanks for all your help.  This turned out to be a cheap and easy way to give my wife a little shock absortion on the hardpack.

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