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Wide Ski Rec

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I own a new pair of Watea 94's, 178 cm., and I think they're a bit too lively for me.  It may just be the contrast to my preferred every day ski, Salomon Tornadoes... a ski I really like.  And it may be that I just haven't had much opportunity to use them as intended given our snowfall this winter... they're ok but not great on groomed trails.  I'm 6' 0" and 165 lbs, and I ski at Crystal in typical PNW snow.  I am looking for a wide ski to use off trail... usually for broken new snow... only sometimes in deep powder... it's just not often available.  If the Watea's are too much ski, what else should I look at?  Prophet 90 (not as wide)?  Prophet 100?  King Fuja?  Other?  Based on what I've read, the Enforcer or Coomba would be too much ski... ditto the Argon.  These are hard skis to demo, so advice much appreciated!

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Shoot, I feel the Wateas are pretty damn forgiving, and among the better mid-wide skis when it comes to groomer performance.  I can't think of anything that would be less demanding in that range, but you could maybe back off to a Mythic Rider.  It's also a pretty approachable ski, but a bit narrower and with some metal layers.  It does have a long-ish turning radius for the length compared to the Watea though.

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How about something longer?  Or with less sidecut?  a little bit more detail on "too lively" might be helpful.
For example, I'm the same weight as you but shorter and I find skiing in broken sierra cement to be much more fun on 186 Bro's compared to 172 mythics or 176 LP's.  Obviously, the Bro's have a lot more different than just length and sidecut.
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If you would like something that is a bit more forgiving then the Watea's I would recommend you to check out either the Snoop Daddy by Atomic or the K2 Outlaw. Both of those skis are a bit more forgiving and will still allow you to ski off piste with ease. Although those two skis have completely different feels between each other. The Snoop Daddy has a similar feel to what your Watea's are but they are softer making them a more forgiving ski. The Outlaw on the other hand is a much more damp ski that is what I would call "cruizer" friendly. Made for somebody that is looking for performance while still having something that is not going to take you for a ride.


As far as the Mythic's go, although they are a great ski if you are feeling that your Watea's are to much ski the Mythic is much stiffer makinng it a much less forgiving ski. This IMO would cancel the MR out as an option for what you are looking for.




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In general...


Off trail in PNW = "rocker"

Off trail in PNW =  "> 100mm"


If you are in Seattle proper, swing by Evo in Ballard. If you are on the east side, swing by Gerk's in Redmond. Both shops will have a clue about what you are looking for. The only bad news is that everyne has been busily clearing out their stock the past few weeks. The good news is that last I looked Evo still had a few interesting things - and Gerk's has the 2010 Goats on the wall. Or consider getting wild & crazy & snagging one of the Praxis 185 Powder Boards actually in stock on their site 


Obviously there's still a decent amount of love for skis like the Wateas, traditional Goats, etc - and there sure is nothing "wrong" with that class of ski. They are well loved for a reason. But the world is changing fast. And there's a reason the cascades are one of the epicenters of this change. With only a few inches of fresh snow at Stevens, you magically see Hell Bents, S7s, JJs, Praxis, Spats, Kuros, Lotus, Rockers, etc., etc. coming out of the woodwork. Not an accident. And I'd imagine the same is true at Crystal. Why not get a  quiver ski that'll make life easy on you and be snow/terrain appropriate?

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