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Directions to Sugarloaf

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Hey, I'm heading up to Sugarloaf in two weeks with my son.  What's the quickest way to get from the Portland airport to the resort?  I did a Map-Quest route request and got a couple options:


For the shortest time, Map-Quest told me to head up 295/95 to Augusta, then ME-27.  (est. time: 2 h 43 m; distance: 134 miles)


For shortest distance, Map-Quest sends me up 95 toward Lewiston, then US 202, ME-4, ME-117, etc. on to ME-27 (est. time: 3 h 2 m; distance: 116 miles).


Which way do you locals recommend?   Thanks. 

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I'd stay on the highway.  I can tell you that indestructible college students have been know to get from the Colby campus in  Waterville to the 'loaf in 46 minutes

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I have driven several routes dozens of times and from the Portland area you should definitely head up on 95 to 27.  Driving on Hwy 4 can involve long chains of vehicles 20 cars long that move about 45 mph.

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Thanks.  So, I'll forego the scenic route through Turner and Livermore Falls.

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This what I do......I am a local. Grew up in the Waterville area.


Travel North on 95. Exit at the 2nd Waterville exit. Take a left. Go to Norridgewock. Straight through the stop sign and take a right at the light. Go to Madison and take a left at the light. Cross the bridge and take a right. Go to North Anson, cross the bridge and take a left onto Rt. 16. Go to Kingfield and take a left over the bridge then a right and you are 16 miles from Sugarloaf.


Decent roads all the way. 


The best alternative would be to exit in Augusta and head for Farmington and then to the Loaf.


I would use the first option here.


Do not exit in Lewiston.


If you need further assistance let me know.


I also know the Loaf quite well and could help you some with that as well.


Have fun. The snowfields have been open for a couple weeks now. Bring your A-game.

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Sugaree -- thanks very much!   I may be back in touch with specific questions re the Loaf.  I'm counting the days til we go.  Let's hope it doesn't warm up between now and then.

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Barring any disastrous weather events, Sugarloaf should ski pretty well from now 'til the closing in mid to late April. In other words a bit of warm weather won't hurt at all.


IMO, you are hitting it up at a real good time of year. It's March and the spring conditions at the loaf can be off the charts, not that we are there just yet.... The sun is high and the morning groomers can be awesome and fast.


The route I suggested involves only small towns which makes for a nice country drive.



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