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discussion, anyone?

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The way I see it, skiing comes down to three types of movement... braking moves, steering moves and suspension moves.

Your interpretations, please?
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I was going to add "accelerating moves", but I would condense your list down to 2:

1. Chnage in speed (acceleration/deceleration)

2. Change in direction (horizontal/vertical)

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BREP skills are applied via:
1) Transition movements
2) Turn shaping movements

These allow you to control speed and direction as you "go where you want to go, do what you want to do....." and result in:

3) Expressions of Enthusiasm


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We are doing the simplify thing eh? Always fun. Heres another one then. A ski can only be turned 3 ways: through rotation, through edging, and through deflection.
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Our ski school model:
Turn shaping movements
Turn connecting movements
Balancing movements

The principals I teach by:
Guide your skis where you want them to go.
Control the interaction of the skis and snow.
Create, manipulate and direct the natural forces of the turn.
Direct your body where you want to go.

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Resisting and Acquiescing.
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