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movement analysis

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does anyone know if there is such thing as getting your Masters in Movement Analysis, and if so, what are the best schools for it?

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Tongue slightly in cheek, I would say that becoming a PSIA examiner would be roughly equivalent to what you are asking, but it obviously also involves several other areas of specializated knowledge (eg, skiing and teaching skills) and is not an academic degree.

A more general study of movement analysis (ie, not just skiing) would probably be covered under "biomechanics" and maybe a few other areas (e.g., sports mechanics) in a conventional academic setting. I haven't heard of a specific degree granted in movement analysis, but I will bet that quite a few people have written Master's thesises on various aspects of MA. Having a thesis accepted by the faculty is essentially academic confirmation of the student's special knowledge in the area.

Good luck in your studies.

Tom / PM
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In you're case being in Boulder the closest thing to a masters in movments analysis would be Bob Barnes Tuesday night movements analysis group. Ask Bob or Rusty for details.
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There are *real* Master's programs in Movement Analysis (called kinesiology). Check with the Physical Education department at your favorite university.

Since PSIA doesn't offer such courses, I would be careful to recommend PSIA examiners as professors.
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Back in the 1970s, I studied with the Laban Institute for Movement Studies

While its not a Master Degree program, its pretty intense, which is why I never wwent for the whole thing. An interesting aspect of Laban Movement analysis is a concept called Effort/Shape. This method of analysis determines whether the amount of effort someone puts into a movement is appropriate, how that effort affects the movement's shape.

I was talking about this in Utah. Both Delta 888 and I have taken a few 3 day Ski Espirit programs at Whistler. The Whistler Ski Schools are strong advocates of hockey stop turns. Unfortunately, both Delta and I had integrated the hockey stop into our turn shape, giving the turns a defensive shape that lacked fluidity.

I'm not sure if LIMS has programs outside NYC. If you do not have any luck with PE departments, try theDance departments.

Here's another option. Check out http://www.nasm.org and look up the performance enhancement masters degree program. This is an online masters dgree, geared towards personal trainers. However, NASM is very involved in sport performance analysis. Good Luck!
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Actually PSIA-E offers a advance education course called master teacher certification. It is accredited with college credits and one of the courses in movement anaylasis. The program is both a study course and test of kinesiology and an on the snow practicle portion. It has been very well recieved. For more info call Kim Seevers at PSIA-E.
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Apologies, Todo. I had forgotten the Master Teaching Program in the East. A Master's in kinesiology is an intense three year university degree program. My experience with PSIA training in movement analysis has not included university professors, other than a memorable clinic with Juris Vagners at the NRM Fall Festival several years ago. Ironically, NRM offered an outstanding clinic in movement analysis last fall, conducted by a university athletic trainer (with more credentials, but you get the picture), that conflicted with examiner training. :
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Originally posted by Pierre:
In you're case being in Boulder the closest thing to a masters in movments analysis would be Bob Barnes Tuesday night movements analysis group. Ask Bob or Rusty for details.

See me at work and I'll give you EABrown's #. She is a frequent poster here, used to work at Eldora, now works at Copper, lives in Boulder, and commutes weekly to the sessions in Summit County. You could catch a ride with her.

She says they are great.
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