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Base repairs

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I've come across a couple of stubborn base nicks that I've been having a lot of problems repairing. The 2 nicks/gouges are located right next to the edge. I've repaired the nicks about 2-3 times now with a ptex candle but it just won't hold. After a day or two, the ptex just seems to wear or fall out of the repair spot. Other repairs that I've done have stuck no problems, just these 2 by the edge that just won't hold. Any suggestions?
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P-Tex won't bond to the metal of your edges. These sorts of repair are best made with a polyethylene repair string that incorporates an adhesive that will bond well to metal. Tognar Toolworks ( sells this stuff and I believe it can also be purchased through Race Place ( You will need a base iron to use it effectively, but you should be using an iron to do routine P-Tex repairs anyway, as the P-Tex ribbon and string that can be used with an iron is far more durable than the drip candle stuff. Good luck!
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What Bob said. Some only use the copolymer string for all reapair as the ribbon is harder to work with. Drip ptex and copolymer are supposed to have the same hardness so last about the same in terms of wear. The ribbon is as hard as your base so will wear the same. With the ribbon any excess is very hard to remove so leave as little excess as possible and sand.
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Here's a third vote on copolymer string.
Lay the end of the string over the owie and lay the iron on top and let it do its thing.

There might be stubborn wax inside the gouge. Using a knife or exacto knife and scrape the inside edges of the gouge. make it rough and perhaps a bit deeper. This gives the string a bit more to bite in and hold onto. Good idea when using P-tex too. There's always some pesky wax residue left here and there after cleaning.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I can't find any string around here, so I'll have to check when I'm up at Whistler tomorrow
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Copolymer base repair string

Tognar Toolworks home page

Try these links!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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