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Mt Bachelor Mini TR

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So I decided to go for a few turns today.  It was a little snowy and enough fresh powder on the ground to enjoy.  I met up with a friend and we had a few good runs.  I was doing my best to keep up and began to crest one of the little hilltops off of Skyliner run.  Apparently I was too close to a hazard marker and fell 8 feet down into a blow hole, somewhat upside down with my pole proping me up from the last 6 feet down to the bottom of the hole.  Since the snow was too loose around the hole, my friend  was able to get the ski patrol to come and fish me out.  Scared the crap out of me.  I was so glad I was skiing with a friend and that the patrollers were so great in helping me get out.  Other than that, the snow conditions were great...

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glad to hear everything worked out allright. Hope you enjoyed the mountain and will come back when you can.


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Wow!  Glad you got out of that in one piece.  Those things scare the bejeebers out of me.  Haven't been stuck in one yet, but I've had to jump a few.


For those of you who don't ski big porous piles of volcanic crap, the mountain "breathes"  with change of air pressure.  The air comes out through certain spots warm enough to melt the snow and form little cylindrical death traps

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newfydog, you know the mtn good...this hole was ontop of the hill across from the Skyliner/Old Skyliner split.  It's nice and big now.  How big do those things get?  The patrollers told me that oftentimes they don't know how big the holes are underneath until someone falls through.

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They usually melt out to the rock, so the deeper the snowpack, the worse they are.  They get a windblown lid over them that caves in when you cross it.  Seems they  run 3-8 feet in diameter, so they can be trivial or a trap.


The worse ones are near the top of the red chair.  Scout that area out some clear day and avoid it when there is new snow.  There is one under the NWX they put a manikin in a few years ago.  There is one in the woods skiers left of NWX that I can't seem to learn and it about gets me every year.


I'm not familiar with the "blowhole that ate mtnbikegirl", but I'll go make a mental note of it.

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Nothing exciting at the bottom of this one...a few bamboo poles and a soda can.  Luckily, I didn't leave any souviners or body parts.  The more I reflect upon this little incident, the more I realize how lucky I was.

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We used to hang out with the Bend High School ski team in the early 70s.  They used to warn us about the treeless treewells that would pop up on the mountain swallowing skiers.  Having never experienced one we always thought they were trying to pull a fast one on us.

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I had a dream last night that one of my kids fell into one of the holes.  They're now getting to be good enough skiers to go off the groomed trails a bit.

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Can't have you getting injuried, the season just cranking up. There's a few of those snowsnakes hiding around bachy mtnbikegirl. Prolly on that ridge behind the sign between the 2 runs. I've jumped a few recently myself. First day of this season I got swallowed whole by some kind of blowhole. I'll be looking for ya on the hill.

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I found the NW "blowholes that are out to get me" yesterday.  Skiing the trees I stopped and told my partner I thought they were near.  Sure enough, the ridge was dotted with them, collapsing all around us.  We bailed off the ridge and the gully was solid.


It was about 500 vert feet above the catchline.  we hit the catchline at boundary sign 31.


Heck of a powder day.

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