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The skinny:  It's time for me to decide on  new skis to purchase. I have demoed many. The two that I felt most confident on and had the best time skiing are the Volkl Tigershark 12 switch and the Rossignol CS70. In the mix also was the Dynastar contact 4x4... but really did not get a chance to explore with them.


Are there certain characteristics of the aforementioned ski's that one could extrapolate why I liked them


I really don't want to just throw a dart at the board and pick one...LOL


A bit about me: male 6'4" 245lbs 42 years young. Live in Ohio ski local once a week and weekend at Holiday valley in Western NY. I'd like to think I am a level seven skier but probably closer to 6. Last ski owned and still using are Volkl Motion from the late 90's 188 length. Everything I demoed was significantly shorter under 175. 


What size in the above ski's?




Thanks for you input.