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 2009 Dynastar Contact 4x4, 178cm, with integrated PX14 "fluid" bindings. Can adjust to any boot size without remounting. These were skied 5 days but are too short for my tastes. $475 shipped. Pretty much in new condition.


2008 Head Monster iM82, 183cm. These have Head LD-12 bindings mounted for a 325mm boot sole (can adjust to 315-335mm without remount). Skied about 10-12 days. $325 shipped for skis and bindings, or $250 shipped for skis only.  Great 50/50 ski for real.


2009 Head Monster iM88, 186cm. Selling for a relative who thought they were too long -- I'd buy them, but I just got a new pair myself.  These are in great shape -- look new to me top and bottom.  I don't think they were used more than a few days.  They have Head LD-12 bindings mounted for a 320mm boot sole.  With bindings $425 shipped, or flat for $350 shipped.


If you see a better deal, I might be able to wiggle a little on the prices.