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Snowboard Tuning

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Hi All -

I have never been in "this side" of the forum as I am a 2


My daughters BF was complaining about his edges

and wax job on his snowboard and asked me if I could

tune it....

I have a full set of tools for ski tuning.... Are they the

same? Can I do a 1 degree base edge w file then

diamond stone followed by a 1 degree side edge w

file then diamond stone?

Also, can I use my ski iron at the same temp settings

as I would on my skis to hot wax? around 120 ish C?

Lastly... the board is a Type A board... and it has some

fine micro channels running the length of it on the base.

If I hot wax this I will never be able to get all the wax off

with a flat scraper.... Do you just scrape and then brush

the wax as well as you can?

Comments appreciated !!!!


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Hi Pman - welcome to the dark side!


The only differences I know of for snowboard tuning are:

- different vice setups (I have inserts into my regular ski vices that have wide "rests" for boards)

- longer wax scrapers


I've never heard of a type A board. The micro channels sound like "structure". This is common. Although there are professional tools for structuring, the hacks among us just use scotch brite pads.  There are different grades of Ptex (i.e. sintered base), but basically it's all the same stuff whether it's a ski or a board.


That is, unless we're talking about one of those $25 Sports Authority "snowboards". If the binding screws go all the way through the base of the snowboard, then you just might be a red neck .... ooops ... I mean don't bother trying to tune the board.

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