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Squaw Valley Ski Patroller Dies After Avalanche

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I don't even know what to say.  As much as we all love to ski, love to see the snow storms hitting Tahoe,,,, the tragedies occurring this year are gut wrenching.  Prayers for family and friends.

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Thoughts and good vibes

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A terrible loss to his family and his fellows of the patrol at Squaw.  Thoughts from all of us on the mountain.

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RIP, my home mountain.... 

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That's awful.  My prayers out to his family/friends/and fellow patrollers.

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This is a tragedy, condolences to the family.


It has really been a weird and sometimes scary year. 



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 My heart aches when I see reports like this.

Something as gentle and beautiful as snow holds so much power.

Thoughts for the family and the fellow patrollers

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I woke this morning thinking that in spite of the huge early dumps and all that this year fatalities (or at least press coverage of fatalities) seems lower than last season.  Then I saw this.  It just plain sucks when stuff like this happens.

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saw this in the mornings paper.  tragic.


condolences to his family

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RIP.  Thanks for all the sacrifices the ski patrollers make across the country to kee us safe.  It breaks my heart when one of them dies in the line of duty.  Prayers to all. 

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 This is so sad. My dad is a patroller at Squaw, and he knew the guy...

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My family enjoys skiing at Squaw, please ask your dad to relay our sincerest sympathies to his family.

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Condolence to the family.

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I saw an amazing thing up on Headwall Thursday before the chair loaded public, and it totally choked me up. A patrol was up on the mountain where the Tuesday slide had started, and no one had skied there since the accident.. He swept down the pitch, tracing the line of the  parially burried crown line from end to end in a giant high speed traverse and turn, powder plume lit in the sun. To me, he was repecting his colleague by sanctifying the site and bringing a level of closure to the scene before the public hit the slope for the day.

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that's awesome... thanks for sharing.



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Last night, I wk after Andrews death, they had a memorial for him. hundreds of skiers were there, patrol from the entire west, emegency personel from several agencies. A shrine is set on headwall, with a patrol flag, and prayer flags, and the site is set aside to respect by not skiing on it. A very meaningful and warm event to forever hold Andrews memory. thoughts this week to his family.

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Condolence to family and friends of Andrew.


The location of the avalanche was on the area below the headwall chair?

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it started at the top of headwall face and hogsback and went quite a ways.... a small area (~ 30' x 30') at the base of the snow fence between hogsback and headwall face has been dedicated as a memorial to drew and will never be skied again.  


if you're riding up headwall chair, headwall face is the last pitch at the top before you roll over into the wind exposed portion of the ride at the very top.  i guess the fracture must have gone from the chairline all the way to the ridge that runs down looker's right of hogsback.


today was my first chance to check it all out and the path/destruction left by the slide is unbelievable.  a pump house that is probably close to 1,000 vertical feet below the origin of the slide was completely buried.  this is what i was told on the chair.... i've missed the last month with a schwag back.  

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To think that I skied that section... could've been me.


Once again, condolence to the family and friends of Andrew. May skiing rest in your soul and to be able to ski huge pow fields in heaven.

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