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2007 Full Tilt

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What is the difference between the early model Full Tilt's and this year's models. I see the Camo is on sale at several outlets.Is there any particular issue with the Camo model?

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I've got a pair of last year's Camo's & really like them - here's my review:


The only issue I'm having now is that I need to stretch the sides out a bit. I've got a relatively narrow foot, but not narrow enough. Pay particular attention to getting the liners heat molded. It's the key to a great fit.

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all FT boots, from all vintages, are the same fit,   Just different bells and whistles.


the pro liner is a bit thinner, the plush a bit thicker,  some have rubber boot boards, some hard.  All tongues are changeable to softer or stiffer.


good boot if it fits your foot right.  (low volume/98mm)

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OK, Does that mean all models fit the same so I could buy any model and then add a stiffer or softer tongue to fit my style?

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   Great boot!!! I have the 09 Konflict, came with #8 and #4 tongues. Use the #8, #4 is way too soft. Extra tongues are $60 each!!!

   Probably the most comfortable boot I've used.


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yes:   just swap tongues as needed.


all FT boots are the same shape, just different bells and whistles (color, boot board, liner thickness, tongue flex, etc) all the parts are interchangeable so you can order what ever boot you want, and change stuff to make it yours.
09/10 = same shape, metal buckles on some boots, flex 10 tongue, and that buckle bra (and again both avail as special order parts)  

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