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Full Tilt Liners in old Raichles?

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A few years back I abandoned my black/purple Rachlies due to the liner getting packed out. I ended up in some Langes, and always felt the shop fitted me with one size too large boot (despite returning twice with complaints). Anyway, the Langes are excellent laterally, but I've never liked the flex - in part no doubt due to my perception that they are overlength.


Just recently I found out Full Tilt is making the old Raichles. I wouldn't mind getting back into those, and am looking at the High Fives thinking they may be good for an old man (mid 40's). I'll be cashing in anniversary, birthday, etc. gifts to convince my wife I need these after getting new boots a few years back, but another option is to buy just the liner. I've read that Full Tilt is using the old Rachlie molds so maybe I would end up with just a new looking version of my old boots anyway.I think my old shells are still ok, but am I making a mistake getting the liner when the boot shell may be on it's last leg? If anyone has experience with doing this, please let me know.


One other thing - my only complaint with the old Raichles was the fact that they seemed cold - I thought air would seep in through the lower part of the tounge flap giving me cold feet. Anyone else have this experience - and is it any better on the "new" Full Tilts?

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You can absolutely use the Full Tilt liners in your old Flexons.  Better yet, buy them from Intuition for less or contact johnnysdg on this board for a great price.


The only shell damage I've ever had on my Flexons was due to my accident (I broke through the tongue).  Even my oldest Flexon shells from 1992 are still fine - beat up, but fine.  There are a few minor differences between the Full Tilt shells and the older Raichles, but the Full Tilt shells are pretty much identical to the later Raichle/Kneissl shells (with the rubber boot board).


BTW - the thermoflex-type liners are the warmest on the planet.  I'm always surprised when I hear about old Flexon users that used them without the thermoflex liners.  They were one of the best parts of the boot once they became available.


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After checking around a bit, it looks like I could get a new boot (on sale) for not a whole lot more than only the liner. Plus, I looked at my old shells and they do look a bit crusty.


One last question - does anyone know which Full Tilt model is the old Flexon Equipe? I was looking at the High Five, which I'm thinking was it, but may consider the Bumble Bee since it appears a bit higher performance.

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