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Women's Skis

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Hey everyone...I'm in need of some advice.  I want to pick up a pair of line celebirties for my gf, but I'm not sure if the sizing is gonna be the same for men and women.  She just started skiing black's this season, and is about 5'5" and around 130??  She picke dup some old volkl motions at 148 last season, and they seem to be OK, but i think thats really more of an intermediate ski.  She will be skiing almost exclusivly east coast.  So should I go for a 151 or 158?  Thanks for the help!

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I'm 5'6" 130 lbs and I ski mostly stuff from 160-170 in length.  If she's improving much, she'll be happy for the added length in these skis.


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Any chance she can demo some skis to get an idea of what models/qualities/lengths would make her happiest?

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I put my girlfriend, who is a similar size and was at a similar level at the beginning of the season, on some 158cm Dynastar Exclusive Powders, which have similar dimensions to the Line Chronic.  The length has worked out well, especially in moguls and steeper terrain.  She probably would be happier with the 165cm version if we skied more wide open spaces and groomers.


I do question your choice of skis.  The Chronic is listed as an intermediate twintip yet your gf is advancing past that level.  Also, twintips tend to be poorer on icy snow and intermediate skis tend to be poorer on icy snow so I would question choosing an intermediate twintip for where you live.

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thanks for the advice all....yeah hopefully she can demo at least to check the length.  the ski i want to get her is a celebrity, not a chronic.  the celebrity is a smaller softer version of the prophet and blend, which is the best ski ive ever used, hands down, so thats why i chose that one.  thanks again!

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