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UA Ski Gear???

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Seems like Under Armour is making a big push to get into snow sports.  Does anyone have any of their gear?  Is it any good?  Does it look good?

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I see Under Armour base layers everywhere lately.  I tried some a couple of years ago but wasn't impressed.  Today, I saw some of their highly publicized outerwear (shouldn't it be called Outer Armour?).  It looked, ok.  They were cargo bibs which was unique.  I can't say anything for the quality, breathability but it's hard to say from a quick glance.

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I considered UA T-shirt for my base layer but I believe the product is far too overpriced and overrated...

Similar models from Nike costs less and seems better. But there are thousands of other models around whose name is less appealing than "Armour"...aaah, marketing...

Same applies to the long johns..

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Thanks guys, I am pretty familiar with their base layers, I have a pair of running pants I occasionally wear under my ski pants if it's particularly cold, they work well for that.  I was more interested in their outer wear...looking to pick up a jacket and some pants at a nice discount, and was curious what others thought about UA...might just go with Orage, that gear seems to be quality.

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