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Need K2 Phat Advice

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I plan to buy some wide K2 this offseason.  Skiing at Schweitzer (PNW) unfortunately I cannot demo any K2 skis.   I would appreciate some advice on how the Pontoon, Hellbent and Obsethed compare....


Schweitzer has great tree skiing and good open steep terrain, but you do need to get back to the lift.  I plan to take my powder skiing seriously and take it to the next level.  


I ski aggressively and look forward to skiing longer in the powder than I can now on my 2006 Apache Outlaws (daily ski off groomers right now).  I'm leaning toward the pontoon but this ski has been out for a while and I don't want to miss out if the others offer more.   I also go BC Cat skiing twice a year and this new ski will come with....


Also if anyone can comment on the new Marker Duke bindings..I will spend most days at Schweitzer but would like to start heading into the backcounty next year.  Is there a downside or durability issue with skiing 20-30 days a season on these?




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Ok, here is my advice. I would wait until next year to buy a new fat ski from K2. I have just got done skiing on the stuff for next year and it rips. The Darkside is my favorite out of the bunch for a fat ski, it handles super deep snow really well and cuts through most anything with ease, it also handles hard pack better then the Pontoon. In fact I'm selling my Pontoons this summer to buy a pair of the Darksides when they come out. I can't speak to the HellBent or Obsethed, haven't skied them, but people love them as I love my Pontoons. However I found myself going to truck to change skis at lunch a lot with them.


That being said the deals out there right now are smoking on skis, shops want to get rid of the stuff are dealing like there is no tommorrow.


The Marker Duke isn't IMHO, a true backcountry binding. I ski mine at the resort none stop no issues.

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