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Whitefish Mtn conditions in late March?

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We're considering a first-time trip to Whitefish Mountain in late March '09, can anyone tell me what snow conditions are like that time of year? I know Whitefish closes after the first week of April and we want to be sure we're not riding over bare patches or a half-closed resort.



 - Jeff

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It could go either way.  We have a good base, but we've certainly NOT had the snow like we did last year.  The weather's been all over the map.  Last week we had about 8 - 12 inches of goose down powder.  But then it warmed up.  Today we had fog, sun, rain, snow, falling slush, graupel, snow, you name it.  The forecast for the next few days is warmer than I would like, followed by some dropping temperatures next week that may or may not materialize.


I'd love to show you around, but it could be typical spring weather, hard and fast in the AM, slush in the PM, by the end of the month.  The back will surely still be great, but that's only 1200 ft. vertical and unless you find your way into Windowpane or Stumptown, even someone who prefers the groomed will get bored back there after a while. 


How long can you postpone making a decision?

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Thanks for the reply.

I booked our travel and lodging about two hours ago (Mar 30 - April 2), so we're on regardless.  Let's hope the weather cooperates.


We're both beginner/intermediate snowboarders - I've been skiing for about 25 years and just got onto a snowboard this winter. My girlfriend started snowboarding for the first time this season and had no real ski experience beforehand, so I imagine we'll be mostly on groomed greens and blues. I may go off on my own on some of the more diffcult runs. We're used to the upper midwest (< 550 vert. ft), so really any ride substantially longer than that will be a nice change.

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Wow, that's a short visit, like only two days of skiing???  Or did you leave off travel days and you've got four days?  At least it's midweek, so you'll have the place to yourself.  Except for me, of course, since I ski midweek.


Hellroaring Basin normally closes 4/1, but since the resort is closing 4/5, they may close the Basin before you get there.  I'll try to find out. 

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I left off our travel days. We'll have 3 full days  skiing, 4 nights lodging.

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JeffC what did you get for airfare if you don't mind me asking?

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I think there was about 3 inches of fresh snow this morning, all blown into the trees and the backside, making for much deeper conditions there.  The forecast had been for 3-7 last night, 8-12 today.  So much for weather forecasters.  The winds howled today, but they weren't cold, so you had all the thrill of feeling like you were a real Arctic explorer, without the actual discomfort.  Quite exhilarating.  The forecast (weather forecaster's wild ass guess, apparently) is for another 3-7 tonight, 2-4 tomorrow.  It's snowing heavily here right now at 3650 feet, so I think it's safe to assume the mountain is getting more.  Temps have been steadily warming recently and into the next week, pretty much in the high 20's most of the days. 

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theconz - We're not flying, we're taking the train. Amtrak with a sleeper cabin from Chicago to Whitefish, including our lift tickets for 3 skiing days AND our loding (4 nights) in the Hibernation House was about $1,500 total, including all taxes, etc. for two people. Pretty darn good.

sibhusky - Still sounds like decent conditions. Thank you very very much for the update.

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Yeah thats is a good deal. $750 to get there, stay and ski for 3 days is REAL good! Y'all enjoy!


I am gonna start a website and call it "Double Occupancy Required" that will let solo travelers (ski, beach, cruises, whatever) hook up so they can take advantage of these types of deals. I'm gonna make a fortune!



Hmmm, where is the name of that guy who runs that web hosting service........?

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That's a great idea.


If you're looking for hosting, I'd highly recommend Fused Network (www.fusednetwork.com). I own a graphic design & web development firm, and we use them almost exclusively. They're cheap, very very reliable and fast with support.

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Update.  Went up today after taking off yesterday, which was pretty warm, at least in the 50's at our house.  Snow was "firm and fast" briefly in the AM today, but had gotten to that grabby stage on most of the trails on the front side well before noon.  In fact, in spite of tuning and waxing last night and using some fluoro in the mix, I thought I might have to shuffle down the Russ's Street cat track.  Coverage is still excellent, however.  The next 36 hours the weather forecast is for rain and snow showers, both of which we had briefly today.  Good news is beginning Monday, the temperature will be back down to the 30's, with the occasional flurry of snow predicted. 

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Sibhusky, if we cross paths out there I owe you a beer. I've been watching weather.com like a hawk since I booked the trip, and you're updates have been a big help.

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Hey Jeff,


I was up at Big Mountain (still can't call it Whitefish Mountain Resort) yesterday.  Similar to the conditions that sbihusky had on Saturday.  Had snow, rain, sunshine, fog, clouds, etc.   It was warm but the snow is holding up.  In March here you can expect almost anything.  The forcast looks good for more snow this week.  Make sure you stop at Hellroaring Saloon for lunch.  Great chili & stew and the beer is good also.  It is just up above the village area.  You will ski by it coming down the runs from chair 2.


I hope you have a great time.

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It'll be interesting to see jeffc's reaction when he gets back on line.  (I haven't run into him yet.)  Since he's arrived, it's been just dumping, which is great if you like freshies and off-piste, but not so great if you don't know the mountain, because the visibility is...well...NORMAL for here. 


Yee-hah!  Some "last week" this has been!!!

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