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Volkl P50 F1..yaya..more nonsense.

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  Rant. Long.


  $39 skis. Here is some more of you get what you pay for.


  Is there??..was there??..EVER ANYONE?? that actually knew ANYTHING about these?? I am beginning to very seriously wonder. I have sure read and heard more than my fair share of nonsense and misinformation about these. Please excuse me if you do know or have posted. I may have missed it amongst all the b.s everywhere else.


  Good thing I have LOTS! and lots of skis to play around with.


  I am learning about these things..HAHA..about 7 years later..hello.


  The bindings for this plate. I KNOW which ones fit. 'Cause I fiddled around. Had to.


  The plate..I was getting ready to just rip this thing off. Not rocket science. I do that/have done that/make my own plates/adapters. I wanted to play around with the ski characteristics


  This plate is attached to the ski itself and has a 3 positon adjustment for flex. that is what I read/heard. And is not a "rail,..motion system". SOooo how do I get this off then?? Next to impossible to see


  I figured I would start by just trying to adjust the flex by moving the pin position.


  A shop was close by. Ya ya..go to a local experienced shop. I remember someone yapping off about that. They need a slap. Sure..wish I knew that BEFORE I had 2 pairs of skis ruined and someone else had a 3rd ruined. At THREE different local shops. Years ago. No need to mention names,locations.Ya ya..support local shops.


  Shop 1..a different one. " Oh I remember those..you need a special Volkl wrench for that pin..the plate is attached to the ski and does not come off..it is not a rail system. The new ones are rail systems"  Me.."Hmmm...just looks like a ball end allen key".."NO the radius is different and not just any ball end allen key will work"..They reccommend a Volkl Dealer. That shop needed a slap. I stopped at another shop. Same drivel. They needed a slap. SO did the Volkl dealer.What a bunch of losers. Hey..I sell skis and work on them too. THINK I am going to EVER  refer anyone your way?? Losers. The shop I always deal with was not close.


  The local auto place sells ball end keys. YA HAHA. Only in sealed sets..on sale..$20. You need 2 sets. You need 2 keys haha.


  Okeydokey..I used to work as an automotive machinist..building engines. A long time ago. This should not be too hard. Off to a tool specialty shop near my house.


  In with the ski I go to get a ball end key. DO NOT use a ball end key on these! A ball end key fits BUT! because of some stupid designer or manufacturer of the pin DUH. They need a slap. The radius is waaay too deep for just about any ball end key to work. A plain old regular allen key works. The shank on a plain key goes in much deeper and has a much better grip. I buy some keys anyway for taking up the guys time. $1 each. Out to the car I go..just to make sure. OF course..the keys only fit 1 side. GRRR. Right. one side of the pin is 3 mm the other 1/8. I buy some more keys from the guy. . I need a slap, WHY????? did I ever go to any ski shop or read what anyone else has said about these. I have tons of keys at home.


  Out/off with the pin to change it's position. THEN the whole Marker hostage plate slides right off it's rails and falls onto the floor. Who said this plate attaches to the ski? Slap for them.


  Looks to me just like any other Volkl/Marker Rail set up. The ski has rails and I don't have any rail bindings handy but it sure looks like they will just slide in.


  Rant over slap me.

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You sure had a lot of "fun" exploring these plates...

I just bought some Marker 1400 Comps cheap on ebay and bolted them up

Word on the street, erh slopes is that the front pin position is useless but now that

you're on a roll I expect we'll here a full up to date report on all three pin locations


Remember, this is all supposed to be fun

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