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Any Insight on Meadowlands Xanadu?

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 I called the leasing office and the secretary told me they are leasing spaces in the “retail” portion of the structure, but was not called back by a broker with actual rental terms. I was inquiring on behalf of a client.


Anyone knows the real scoop on this? Looks like the shell is completed, but how about an opening date?


Will visit Jersey again in April, hoping to see more of it.

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There was a story on it awhile back in The Star-Ledger, one of our local newspapers in the area.

From what I remember reading, it is behind schedule due to the recession, cost overruns, etc. 

Most people in the area find the thing quite repulsive looking. Couldn't they come up with a better color scheme?

Anyway, if you do a search of The Star-Ledger, you might be able to find the article I am referring to.

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I hear they are having a hard time leasing space so they keep moving the opening date back. Cabellos cut the size of their store considerably because the state won't let them sell guns. The indoor ski thing was supposed to open last fall but that has been pushed back to late spring. The whole project has been plagued with problems.

I know someone who has been working on Giants stadium and seems to have the inside scoop on the goings on down there. I'll ask him if he knows anything when I see him tomorrow.

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If they handle other leasing client like they handled me they deserve have vacancies. They have not returned my call for over a week.


Being in N. Jersy for over 30 years, I am quite familiar with the area. Ledger is my favorate paper. I am sure Xanado has real problems as they supposed to have an openning date back in 2003.....Now 5 years later....  

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Gotta love how our lovely government et all. can't get anything together and on time and on budget...


I am vaguely looking forward to practicing slalom around the slow folks in July though.  The novelty should be worth at least one trip.

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Hello - the project is currently scheduled to open this summer but it is likely to be further delayed.  I am a tenant representative working nationally, but I live and work in the NJ area.  I am very familiar with the leasing team for the project and have completed 2 deals there over the last several years - one anchor, one in-line.  Please feel free to contact me if I can help.  973-635-7777. 

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Can you get that pile of misbegotten Con-X boxes a decent paint job?


Who did the exterior design work ... Boy George or Phyllis Diller?

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I drove by that last September with a friend who lives in Jersey. When I asked him what "that" was he answered, "That is what happens when you have a Governor who's in the closet and hasn't come out"


They could maybe improve the appeal by accessing through an underground subway link...

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I think there are two ways for a structure to attract world's attention, one is the most beautiful building like that 7 star hotel in Dubei, the other is to  make it the ugliest. This project fall into the latter extreme. Nevertheless, it IS talk of the town.

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To your original question-expect more delays. It's not opening any time soon.

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10-4, thanks bill... 

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It looks like part of a warehouse that someone jacked up on stilts. As for the color, I am not sure that it exists in nature. Whoever approved that color scheme should be fired.

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There is  a potential new investor willing to put up the 500 million needed to finish up. New completion date is late fall of this year. No word on what the new paint scheme will be.
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Bump for spite against Heat Miser raining on all the natural snow.  Gotta wonder if interest in this would spike if more cold air doesn't descend on Huntahhh anytime soon.  Looks like they got some stuff open currently though.  I heard a rumor about an indoor project in NC awhile back, but haven't seen anything tangible about it since 2007.  It is looking like a better option everyday unfortunately..

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Still supposed to open. Some day. Maybe.th_dunno-1[1].gif

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More on American Dream/Meadowlands


The project formally known as Xanadu

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Upshot: If they don't build 639,000 ft of water and amusment park in the wetlands, the project formerly known as Xanadu will fail.

Let's look at the bright side. Maybe they'll find Jimmy Hoffa.


As for the skiing, perhaps they should just contract this ship:



That way, if people don't like it, they can tell it to get lost.

The downside is that Hoffa is definitely not in there...


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