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Am I too wide for Dalbello Krypton?

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I have my eye on some used Kryptons but I've been told they are best suited to a narrow foot.  I think I have a slightly wider than D foot.  I fit comfortably in either D or E width shoes.  When I measure the outside points of my foot, I get 4.25 inches or 10.795cm.  


Dalbello lists their Krypton Cross as having a 98mm last.  Is my foot too wide for this boot?


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The Krypton is a narrow low volume boot.  It also is noted for a relatively low instep.  I have found the excessive pressure in the cuboid area is a difficult fix.


Many people are able to fit into a boot that is more narrow then their foot.  My foot is fairly wide, yet flexible, so it can fit into a narrow lasted boot without a lot of problems

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The Krypton is listed as 98mm.  In my experience I would say 98mm lasted boots fit a C width comfortably out of the box and can easily be made to fit a D width.  However the Krypton is low instep and the design makes it somewhat more difficult to widen than other boots.  If you are going to go that way make certain you pick an accomplished fitter or shop.



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Thanks for the feedback guys.  How about the Full Tilt?  Same thing?  BTW, I will add my own insoles to these boots.


As you may have guessed, I am trying to find boots similar in design to the old Flexon Comps with a small shell and overlapping tongue.  I'm also told that the discontinued Dalbello CRX, CarveX and Reflex might work too.


I understand nothing beats an in-person fitting but these boots are hard to find locally.  I only know of one Dalbello dealer in the area and he's an hour away.

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I ski the Krypton and love it.  I bought it for the same reason that you  are considering buying it.  It's the old flexon without the cables.  It's a low volume boot.  My feet are B width and with my orthodics, it's very snug.   I'm skiing them right out of the box. The boot comes with two tongue choices, one softer or thiner than the other.  Also it comes with several shims for setting the forward flex.  Great boot for a narrow foot.  

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krytons are a bit wider then FT's (like 1-2mm) but are 5mm taller over the instep.

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