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To be a Faster Master

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good stuff for those of you, like me, who are bound for the gates (no matter late starts and old(er) ages:

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I was going to take up Masters racing myself. But, they want like $500 to join the program up at Loveland.

Kinda hard to justify.
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The program is a bit more than that. But for five days per week training, early mountain weekend speed training, access to World Cup racers and coaches in October and November, a season from October through mid May, some of the top coaches and professionals in the business, FIS level competition even with masters racers, a masters program that isn't separated from the Ability/FIS athletes,... it's not too bad.
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I'm reminded of a sign in a speed shop in my drag racing days. "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?"
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And here, I though it was "so you want to go faster? How much money you got?"
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Either one works. Thank god ski racing is LOTS cheaper. I always chuckel inside when I hear people complain about the cost of ski racing. That Mustang sounds like it gobbled up some cash. I ran a 66&70 442 in M/P. Had to make everthing myself in those days(no Olds perf stuff)and I still had the equivalent of a years salary in it. Ahh youth.
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That is pretty old, Stewart hasn't been there for a couple years. Even the information highway gets traffic jams!
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ROTO, sorry. here's more up to date, though almost over...
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Now let me get this straight. If I learn to ski gates at my age in one of these programs will I be referred to as a mastergater?
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We have many different manufacturers of gates with different threading properties. The different gates are referred to by their in-snow components by "dick" types. We have screw dicks, yellow dicks, stab dicks and other choice names. So, you aren't too far off. Yes, I know, it's PC incorrect.
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