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Skis for the lighter skier?

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At 5'11" and 142lb, I'm pretty light for my height, which I imagine must influence my choice of skis. I don't know how my skiing would rate on a US scale, but in European terms I would be classed as advanced (given the progression beginner -> intermediate -> advanced -> expert) - I usually ski all the pisted runs in a resort with confidence and reasonable technique, and I'm quite dynamic with my weight transfer. The problem is that my skill level would put me on a type of ski which tends to be rather stiff, perhaps too stiff for someone of my weight. Yet if I go for softer flexing skis aimed at intermediates, I tend to find they don't have the kind of edge hold I like, and can't be skied fast. So, are there some skis around which work well for the lightweight skier without holding them back?


Incidentally, I skied Dynastar Contact 4x4s in 172cm last time, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but some people whose opinions I respect suggest they may have been too stiff for me at my level and weight. What do others who have skied this ski think about the demands it makes on the skier?


LATER: I should add that I know it's not just down to weight, there's also the issue of strength. I don't do any kind of weight training, but do a lot of middle to long distance running, so my legs are probably quite strong in a wiry sort of way.

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your ski should be a function of your weight and ability, not so much your height. a 170ish ski would work. Dynastar Mythic Rider, Volkl AC 3, Rossignol phantom, that kind of ski is so all inclusive that you can't go far wrong.

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I'm 6'2" 155 pounds and have had no problem with skis up to 195cm* in length.  I've skied a pair of 192cm skis that were very fat and very stiff, and quite a bit of work to ski.  My weight wasn't my disadvantage in this case as much as my lack of leg strength.  I've skied a 191cm mid-stiff fat ski and thoroughly enjoyed it.  You're pretty tall, and even though you're not very heavy, you do say you have decent leg strength, so I think you'd be fine in the low-to-mid 180 range.


*The 195cm skis had reverse sidecut and reverse camber, so not very comparable to traditional skis.

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Thanks. It wasn't so much the length of the ski I was asking about, as the type of ski - specifically skis with perhaps a slightly softer flex which are still high performance. This is for probably 60-70% on piste, 30-40% off. Also, perhaps my height is irrelevant to the equation, but at 142lb, I'm probably lighter than most adult male skiers the performance skis are designed for.

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