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Who's got the boots for a high instep and wide feet

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I have a size 8   5E to 6E shoe size with a very high instep. I have to order my shoes from a wide shoe catalogue. I consider myself an advanced skier and ski blues and most blacks, avoiding the bumps. Where I live there are two small ski shops without a dedicated boot fitter and they sell you what they have and then try to make the boot work. The last two pairs of boots had about 2 to 2 1/2 inches of space behind the heel when the foot is put into the shell only. I need some direction as to what brand and model boot might work best for my feet. I know that I should see a boot fitter but I got to start somewhere and call around to make sure that they at least carry the boot that would most likely work.  Thanks

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most boot brands will have a wider model, but sounds like any/all boots will need some tweeking to get them right for you.


So look for a good bootfitter, and get the boot that they have that fits you best, and then they can make adjustments to the shell to make it fit 100% of the way.


Also different boots will feel different, even with the same measurements. as the thickness of the liner effects the feel of the boot too (not just the shell)


where do you live,   on teh "ask the boot guys" forum is a list of some good fitters in different areas.

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I have skied in pain for 20+ years with never having comfortable boots until now!!!  I too have size 8 feet with a extremely high instep.  My foot is 3E though.   The reputable Boot Doctor from Sturtavants in Bellevue Wa put me into 2006 Technica Diablo Flame.  Apparently Technica is one of a few that does well for high instep.  That's step one (or skip this and use your existing shell..see below) 


Next you need to have good custom foot beds made.   It's important they fully support your high instep.  Support there will reduce your foot fatigue and also very important, help the boot work to hold you back in the heal, keeping your foot and toes relaxed and circulating blood well.  


Finally you have to step up to some custom liners.  I had "Intuition" liners made up and they are incredible.  I skied these brand new 4 days straight Cat skiing, no break in needed.  After two years of consistent skiing they are still great.   The Boot Doctor foam padded my high instep before molding, this allowed a small pressure relief area.  He also padded the toes.   The liners are also very warm, I ski in the thinest sock possible. 


Because your foot is so wide there might be better shells than the Technica, but do treat yourself to foot beds and new liners.   This will cost over $250 for the beds and liners but it's well worth it...if budget is a concern I've heard great success from people getting the beds and liners in there existing shells.   Make a good boot guy explain why a new shell volume fits better than your existing (the original guy hopefully did his job right, though 2-1/2" seems too much, the rule of thumb is crossing your first two fingers to fit behing your heal..more like 1-1/2") if it's not just use you old ones. 


Do it you'll be happy, I don't even unbuckle at lunch now!!

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