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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post



I don't know.  A completely out of control dude in a Starter jacket way over his head bombing striaght down the fall line (pun intended) in the bumps about to eat it bigtime can be pretty damn entertaining


I'll start editing right now - I've got plenty of that footage.

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 This is probably an irrelevant commentary to the discussion that I quietly enjoyed, but here is my view:


Risk is a very individual thing: I am unlikely to jump high cliffs not only because I have a family, a job and I am not 18 anymore, but also because I enjoy all other aspects of skiing too must to make the risk of a catastrophic injury worth the thrill to me.  For a 20-year old ripper that equation may be different, it maybe the coolest thing to do, and besides, it may help him earning enough $$ to afford another 100+days ski season. I am certainly not the one to judge.  


I do feel that modern-day free-skiing overemphasizes monster cliff hucks and air over almost anything else.  I was very disappointed to see that the recent Silverado competition at Squaw went to the guy who made the most daring jump, landed right next to a cliff, almost hit it, and almost lost his balance on the apron doing his best impression of Bode Miller out of control.  Looks like finesse skiing that emphasizes style, clean lines, and fluidity does not bring you much advantage these days.    The truth is that probably modern skis and technique are so good that it is impossible to separate men from boys unless you make then huck monster air.  Ron and other competitors on this board certainly have an insider perspective on that, so I am not going to pretend that I know what I am talking about,  but I do feel that there has been a definite shift in emphasis over the last few years.    Even the choice of Silverado as the venue showed that trend- there was not much choice in what line to pick- ski the top, come to the edge of the wall, jump, ski the apron.  This is why the Tram Face was so eagerly anticipated- there is no obvious line down that thing, and you just cannot jump your way through it.  Alas, it has been cancelled.  


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It's a sick video, for sure.  I hope his knee is okay and all that too.  As for the skis, he's a Bromodeler so I'm sure Ty and Splat are taking care of that for him.  He had body armor on and a helmet, both of which probably saved him some further pain and injury and is obviously experienced in what he did.  I'm in awe of people who are able to pull that off.


On the risk side, Chaos wouldn't do it, nor would I.  But people take huge risks all the time and sometimes they get hurt or worse.  It's in our human make-up.  It's a good thing too or the America's never would have been discovered, we wouldn't have airplanes, cars, or any of the other progressive inventions where people suffered over history in their quest to progress society.  What about race car drivers?  Hydroplane racing?  Flying in the Space Shuttle?  All those activities are high risk yet people knowingly and willingly take their chances and participate.  Sure, we do what we can to minimize the risk by making smart decisions on how to approach risk but it's there, none-the-less.  I would rather take some calculated risks, and make no mistake, skiing as a sport has risk, than to be afraid to get out of bed in the morning.  So while I wouldn't huck my meat off a 30' cliff let alone a 100 footer, I applaud those who would and have the ability to ski away from it.  Nice jump!

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This has turned out to be a pretty good discussion with a lot of food for thought, thanks for the replies everyone.

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Originally Posted by samurai View Post


Chaos... you suck at trolling. 


You at least could have chosen something where the guy actually got hurt if you're gonna start bad-mouthing the risk takers. He was completely fine. 


Heck, I've seen competitors (myself included) finish with more severe injuries than a bruise on his knee from his helmet. 





For a guy who made a grand entrance as a troll, is quite a let down finish.


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What we say to trolls:


"Chaos, you suck at trolling.  Chaos, you're such a letdown.  Chaos, you probably don't even ski."


What trolls hear:


"Chaos blah blah blah Chaos blah blah blah Chaos blah blah blah."




(with apologies to dogs and Gary Larson)

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