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XC touring setup for CO?

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I'll' be snowplowing and tele-lelling as I can't make a tele turn. Turning isn't really the point, just a bonus. I want something light to get me far and fast up a broken or unbroken valley.

I ordered some of these http://www.skinnyskis.com/Products/Rossignol-BC-X3-Touring-Boots-20072008__739215966.aspx for $38 new... could return them. Seemed like a good price on a boot. But is the boot good? And is NNN BC the right choice (and if so which binder)?

Now I'm trying to figure out a ski and a binding. I was thinking 180cm Rossi BC70s or something. BC90s? Karhu 10th Mtns? Fischer Outbound Crowns? Will those fatter ones have unacceptable drag on broken or groomed compared to the BC70? Will the BC70 sink like a rock breaking up valleys?

Or do I really want to avoid waxless? Waxing seems like such a hassle for a side pursuit. I could get waxable BC90s for under $100. I mean, quantify how much better can a roughly waxed setup climb and glide compared to a positive patterned waxless? I wouldn't have time to spend on waxing so I'd prolly only have 3 types if for some reason i went waxed.

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When I lived in Colorado I had a friend with a pair of skis with blue wax on them at all times.  


He said:

 If it isn't blue wax conditions it is too cold, too icy or too sloppy for xc skiing

Good point.


For what you want, I think wax would be the way to go.  When I lived in Colorado, one of my favorite ways to spend a day was to ski up a valley, usually on an old mining road, reach the top, drink a beer, scrape the wax off and have a long leisurely glide and double pole back down.


Fishscale skis won't glide nearly as well, so you kick and glide down as well.

Here in the PNW we use them alot, but in Colorado I didn't even own any.

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