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Aspen this-n-that

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Planning a 2010 visit to Aspen, been there once before around 9 years ago.


Any majors fly into the Aspen airport? Or is there a shuttle from DIA? Last time drove the 4 hours from Denver, it was pummelling and want to skip that this time. Hopefully this last leg of the flight won't be a price killer.


Any affordable housing for 6 guys? (all responsable mature adults for the most part)., usually we rent a house through VRBO, but don't see much in the area.


Is staying down around Carbondale an option, how's the drive from there to Aspen ?



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United, Frontier, Delta and America West currently fly into ASE from DEN, ORD, SLC, LAX, SFO, ATL & PHX.  Fare's are all over the place.  They were real high late last summer , but now they are cheap.  I am paying $310/rt on the direct from Ord in March. Lots of flight into EGE also. Better weather, bigger plains, but 90 miles away and the flights usually cost about the same. 


Don't take the shuttle from Denver.  You can rent a car one way for less than CME charges a single for the shuttle. 


Stay in town!


Carbondale is a nice little town, but I wouldn't stay there.

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Stay at the Hostel Colorado (not Hotel Colorado, HOSTEL).  If all you need is a clean place to sleep you will love it.  The trip to Aspen is an easy 35 minutes (Snowmass 30) and not only is the price right ($16pppn) but they sell discounted tickets for Aspen ($74) 

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