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Old backs and race skis

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Saturday was a bluebird day with no new snow so I thought I would attempt to recapture my younger days and try my son's Nordica Doberman GSR race stock 186 GS skis.  He is a former racer but is now a Marine stationed in Iraq so he left his gear with me.


I head to Snowbasin and caught one of the first Gondolas and cruised down to the Strawberry gondola.  First run I was pretty hesitant but could immediately feel how stable the skis are.  Next run I was a little bolder and by the end of my third top to bottom cruiser I was feeling pretty confident.


On the fourth run I really opened up and had made three or four pretty good turns so I really leaned in on the next right turn and was not prepared for how they hooked up aggressively with no skid at all!  I felt a pop in my lower back and a sharp pain.  I have degenerative disk disease from L3 down and am considering surgery this summer so it was no surprise to me that my back gave out.  Luckily, I was able to switch to my right leg and stop without a big crash.


I tried a couple of runs but it hurt too much so headed home.  Tylenol and the hot tub have me feeling better but I took Sunday off and am going to let it rest for the rest of the week.  Guess my race stock ski days are over.  Anyway, for those of you with younger backs - try the GSR's they are a pretty amazing ski if you can handle them. 

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Sorry to hear about your back - you must have been generating some serious g's while loading up those GSR's.


I was also at Snowbasin on Saturday, but stayed on JP for most of the morning.  It was probably one of the best days of the year for a race stock GS ski - definitely a groomer day.  Doing laps on Wildflower and Grizzly were a blast - we pretty much had the runs to ourselves till late morning and logged almost 17k vert by lunch.

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Yeah, it was a great go fast on the groomers day.  I started on Strawberry to get dialed in and was going to head for JP about the time my back gave out.  Oh well, I have a massage in about an hour so expect to be back up to moderate speed by the weekend.  Hope we get a storm this week.

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