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Dynafit Aero Speed TF Boot

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Does anyone know anything about this boot?  Narrow or wide?  Stiff or soft?   I posted in the bootfitters thread, but nobody had any feedback...thanks

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I've never skied this boot but a woman I tour with sometimes does.  I just called her for some beta.  She loves the boots, Considers them a little soft for really hardcore skiing but says they do ski well.  According to her width is medium in heel, a little narrower in the forefoot

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Thanks skierhj...anything cool going on in Aspen this weekend...I am heading up there tommorow to meet some friends, but my Doc and PT are encouraging me to give my knee some more time before hitting the slopes...Matt

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Always somebody playing at the Belly Up, there are no big events but plenty to do this weekend.  Don't be too bummed about the knee, the snow is horrible. If we don't get dumped on soon the season will be over early

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