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Hunter Sunday 3/1

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First off I want to let everyone know that as I type this there is 12" of snow on the ground and its still dumping, they say w will get 15" when the storm is over...but that is here on LI, doesn't do us much good...I think I need to buy cross-country setup or some touring bindings to put on one of my vintage skis...but I digress.


Yesterday I met up with Bushwacker and his friend Jeff for their first time skiing at Hunter.


Last time I was there was for Presidents day weekend and there was lots of snow.  Since then there have been various warm spells and rain, as such it has taken a toll on the mountain.   There is still plenty of coverage but several trials are closed and there are some bare patches here and there. 


Most obvious is the bullet-proof ice hiding under the loose granular snow nearly everywhere.  Probably the most fun trail combo was/is Heuga express way to Drop off, to Belt Parkway, very good coverage, minimal ice, and few people (except when you get to the Belt.....like its namesake).  The crowds were very small, Bushwhacker was surprised how little people were on the lift lines after having read often about Hunter crowds.  Ill let him chime in with his own words.


Weather was very mild, enough to build up a good sweat.  We had flurries early on, but then it was just cloudy all day, you really needed the right goggle lenses to not get surprised by a snow bump at an inopportune moment, my lightest lenses broke last week so I was stuck with darker lenses than I would have liked; I got surprises a few times.  I brought out the Head 88s, which seemed to be the ideal ski for the conditions (then again there aren't many conditions that aren't ideal for these do-it-all skis).  Sharp edges were a must.  The snow was getting moved around a lot, so there were snow drifts all over the place, if not on edge you would get tossed around quite a bit, even so conditions were more challenging than usual.  Clair's way was open in its usual steep glory, but now with ice hiding under sugar all over the trail.....easy place to get into big trouble if you aren't on top of it.  The bump runs looked like battlefields with Volkswagen sized moguls on most of the trials.


I don't know if Hunter is getting the major snow dumpage that we are getting downstate, but if they are and it stays cold, this coming weekend should be much better than it was Sunday. 


All in all a nice day, all of us were on very little sleep and were really functioning solely on adrenaline.  We ripped several runs.  Bushwhacker is a great skier, and a much nicer guy in person than he sometimes comes across on-line...which is often the case with most people, myself included I am sure.  He quit at around 2ish (he started earlier than me) I quit around 3:30...my legs were toast due to the varied terrain, not a good day to ski if you were not on your game, but we had a good time and it was nice skiing with another Bear.






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Thanks for the update Richie. I'm hoping to get out there tomorrow! Hope they still have some fresh trails after the dump today! :) 

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I find Hunter challenging on a good day. Sounds like tough sledding yesterday. I hope you took it easy on Josh. :) 

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Thanks for the update! Hunter's website says they got about 6" out of the storm, but the heart of the storm was passing over the NYC metro area. Hopefully this plus the cold weather expected for the rest of the week will rebuild Hunter's base depth!


I was at Windham yesterday and conditions were just as you described. My edges were not sharp, but it did make for a good chance to practice some "featherweighting" techniques to keep my balance even at high speeds. When the bus got there in the morning I was a little disappointed with the conditions, but the day ended up being really good, all things considered. I thought the two mogul runs were goners because the bumps were sheer ice, but after watching a class go down I realized that the ice would give me auditory feedback as to whether or not I was actually carving through the field as I should. And by following the sun and staying away from the main lift (and eating lunch on the lift, to my own surprise!), I ended up finding some killer runs on both faces.


Since Hunter has better grooming and snowmaking, I think I'll be heading to Windham only once more next Sunday (3/8), then hitting up Hunter the Sunday after that (3/15) before finishing off my season in SLC the last weekend in March.


Geez...I think I've hijacked this thread enough, don't you? Thanks for the TR!

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Are there photos of Bushwacker at Hunter? (Preferably in a Jets uniform)

What, he stopped early to go check out the bar scene?


Probably good you missed Saturday! At Okemo on sat. conditions on lower mountain were ideal if you want to ski a formica tabletop. Everything froze early am on sat. after the non-crystallized precip (lots) of friday.


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He took some video and pics...lets see if he posts them.

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